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HBO GO® for Android... my experience playing with it on my HTC Hero (CDMA)

As you have probably heard, HBO has released a new application to the Android Market called "HBO GO®". 
Web Market Link
Once I heard this, I immediately had it downloaded and installed on my HTC Hero and my Viewsonic gtablet.

I was unseccessful when attempting to login on the gtablet. I get a constant FC, but only when I attempt to login. That being said, it works pretty good on the Hero running CM7.0.2

As far as I can tell, it works well when connected to a wifi point. I was getting an error when trying to watch over 3G. Something about not being able to stream the audio and that I should connect to wifi. I did just that and was able to watch a couple of minutes of Band of Brother as well as Boardwalk Empire (two of my favorite HBO programs).

NOTE: You must be an HBO subscriber to utilize the app as it was intended. I was able to login using my Comcast (Xfinity) account without issue.


Easy way to post Blogger to Twitter

While I was on the hunt for a way to automatically post my (new) Blogger posts to Twitter, I stumbled upon
If you haven't already, you should check it out. I'll be testing this later via the official Google Inc. Blogger App for Android. This is actually a test post right now! You're part of my own personal "Beta Test"! Be proud. You deserve it.

UPDATE: It appears that twitterfeed checks for new blogger posts at a minimum 30 minutes. Would be cooler (much cooler) if we could turn the scan time down a bit.

Found some sweet icons for my gtablet!

So, last night I was playing around with my gtablet (per usual). This time I was reworking the home screen and with the addition of VT-Lab's VTL.Launcher, by gojimi and the team at VEGAn-Tab, I thought it needed some high-res icons to fill the graphical void left by the stock icons. In my search I came across this forum on xda, and more specifically, this post. I thought that these were pretty sweet! Being that I was into the comic book collecting back in my day, I thought these suited me pretty good. Here is a quick sample (please go to the original forum to download if you choose):
And a shot showing how they look with VTL.Launcher:
Click to Enlarge (that's what she said?)